Kakak's First MSSS Competition!

If you ladies know Farissa, you will know she is leaning to academics. She's doing absolutely well in her studies and to balance it out, we support her passion in swimming as well. As Mr. Bob and myself are very 'inactive' haha! we want her to be fit and healthy, which just bring me to the point that swimming is a great cardio exercise. :)

Well, recently she participated in her first MSSS Competition. She didn't win (even coming up last) but both Mr. Bob and I felt that she should get rewarded for her efforts and determination. She was very concern for the referee that waiting for her at the end of her lane. She said that the lady had to wait for a long time for her to finish. Heeeeee.

Straight after, Mr. Bob treat her to a nice lunch and motivate her to do better next time. Insyallah. What ever it is, we are very proud of you kakak!! You can definitely do better next time ya.. Mama and papa are always behind you.

On your mark, get set, Go!!

Reaching at the end

Trying her best

Last to win.. But try again next time!!