Sancora DUE 3D Paint Malaysian Mommy Review

Why Malaysian mommy review? Becaaaause, I am a Malaysian Mommy and I paint.. heck yeah!!

If you guys read about my trip to one of my trips to Home Expo, I had purchase a whole bunch of Sancora's paint (10 units of 5L paint)... I know!!!! I am guilty of over shop once again!! *cry in the inside*  Now, I never heard about San Cora, but I thought let's give them a bit of a doubt. The branding looks convincing and trust worthy. So, this entry is especially made for those who are looking for paint or 3D paint or San Cora paint reviews. Keep in mind, in previous homes I've tried both Jotun and Nippon which both are actually quality brands.

I had envisioned my formal living to be all blue and luxurious. The feature wall will be painted using the Sancora DUE 3D paint. Mr. Bob pop's the paint bucket open and voila, no scent. I know certain paint's smell could be slightly nauseated.. but not this one.

Popping the lid!

This is the 110 LB Pearl White

Don't be deceived, it may looked like Mr. Bob is doing all the work.. but no, three quarter of the job was totally mine. The problem is, I am not as detailed as Mr. Bob. So, he likes to touch up my handy work. Another problem that I have is that after the forth step I will feel slightly imbalanced, so I couldn't paint the top part of ANY WALL. Bhahahaha!

The paint color is rich, there was no smell and the texture is really smooth. I will only take me under one hour to double coat a wall. Yes, I am that good. :p

Tis all my work man!
Next we pop up the 3D textural paint. Voila!! No smell either. So, I diligently start painting in X format throughout the whole wall. Man it was though. I won't lie to you. My arms started to melt bit by bit. Hahaha. But after finishing the whole wall, it looks freaking horrible!

Gooey goodness..

Wrong technique here
If you look at the photo below, the top part was my first attempt of covering the wall. I did a second attempt to redeem myself, thus the lower part of the wall was a touch up. Naaaah... Couldn't share the look of the room now, will share with you guys when everything is done ok.

6 times of painting the same wall

The reveal is sooner than you think!!