Ideas for Landscaping

Arrrghh.. so much to do.. So little time..

Our housing area landscape is superbly design, breathtakingly beautiful *cheeewah* jgn marah kecam ya..
But it's true, it does put a slight pressure on my shoulders to have some greenery within the house compound.
With such limited budget, I hope we could pull it off.

So, I based on the spots I highlighted below, I will to find suitable pots and plants to fill up the empty spaces.Wish me luck ok!

This is the backyard. Plenty of space to plant some flower pots maybe.

Maybe some seating which could also be nice

Ooops patchy grass.. need to fix that.

Greenery at the courtyard.. Absolutely!

Ni nak sapu daun ke nak main tiup2 bunga kapas nih? hukhuk.. Kakak2....