Carpets and Rugs Rugs Rugs!!

Last weekend, we made a short trip to Nilai 3 to find ourselves some awesome rugs. I've finalize the areas which we need new rugs and Mr. Bob agreed to my suggestions *got his hands tied up behind him for this* mih mih mih.. Our current rugs are also bought in Nilai 3 but for this time round we decided just to visit one big warehouse of carpets instead of many small2 shops. Reason being we arrived there about 4pm and it was indeed quite late to do shops hopping. Not sure if it was a good idea but we had no choice (and time for this).

If you seen current photos of our rented place, most of the carpets are classic looking. Yep I love classic design carpets. Although for the new house concepts, I thought to switch up the design into more modern.contemporary design. Clean lines is what I am after.

After 2 hours I had finally done some awesome splurge for 6 rugs! 2 of the rugs I purchased was quite big (9ft by 12ft), others are smaller in size (awesome nontheless) :)

Ok guys.. here is the trunk load of carpets..

Rolled up big ones won't be able to fit into the exora..

So many that you could choose from.. don't forget to bargain ya..

Nice thick black and whites..

Fluffy pink for my office,,

Grey with minimal look..

I'm sure your question would be how much each will cost you..
1. Black and white - This one is the biggest RM 550
2. Grey and white - Slightly smaller (8ft by 10ft) RM700
3. Small Grey and White - RM 180
4. Shaggy pinl rugs - 3 pieces for RM200

Total damage - RM1600

So, what do you guys think? Is it worth it? Look into your budget and you need a good eye to scout around the warehouse. Good luck!


dorsett pink said…
oh kat nilai 3 ye murah.. i only thought IKEA jer yang ada jual carpet & rugs yang quicky.. thanks for sharing