Auberge Discovery Bay Hotel~ Malaysian Mommy Review (1st Day Hong Kong)

Alhamdullilah.. Finally, I had the time to share with you guys a bit on our latest trip.  As some of you may know, I've been to HK before. You can read that chapter here. Last time we went with a tour agent that we found in Matta fair. This time we had decided to plan our trip ourselves and it was the best decision ever.


This year we took an Airasia flight. Total price: RM 1800 (2 adults 2 kids) including luggage, meal and seats. Last time we went by MAS, cost us about RM2400 (2 adults, 1 kid, 1 infant). You be the judge. Preference would of course won by MAS because of its child friendly cabin crew, goody bags and in flight entertainment.

AXA Travel Insurance

It's because we have 2 kids, Mr. Bob and I personally felt that it was super important to have travel insurance for all of us. Just in case. Medical in HK could be expensive and a back-up plan was sure important to have. It cost us only RM80 for the whole family.

Disneyland Tickets

I bought it through the official website, 2 days passport. Since, Ruzain has not reach his 3rd birthday mark, so it is still free!


The hotel does have wifi but it's only up to 2 hours (FOC). So, Mr. Bob decided to activate his CELCOM data roaming which only cost RM38 a day (connect to Smartone HK) and I could have unlimited data that I wanted all the time, Yippie!


Be prepared! If you bring kids make sure you have plenty to snack on. We brought Brahim Bryani Chicken and Mutton. Highly recommended because it is not spicy, 2 loaves of Gardenia, peanut butter spread, chipsmore, pringles, Adabi Chicken Soup, milo and instant coffee. There should be no problem to bring these items. Don't forget paracetamol, cough syrup should the kids feel under the weather.

KLIA 2 Elevator

Ruzain helping me filling up the immigration card

Hong Kong Airport Terminal 2

I've booked the Auberge Discovery Bay hotel through for RM1700 (3 nites). The cheapest room was the Mountain View. We were greeted by some friendly staff and was delighted to be upgraded to the Ocean View room for free.

Oh yes, once you reached at the airport, DO NOT hitch a ride with those taxi man stopping you in the terminal. Instead, find the proper taxi stand and grab either a BLUE or RED cab to reach the hotel. It will cost about RM60 (at night).

The hotel does provide breakfast but it is NON Halal so we just had breakfast in our rooms. Sandwiches and cereal, yummy. You'll also received complimentary 2 bottles of mineral water each day. This hotel also provide free shuttle to Sunny Bay station and Disneyland. It is so easy to commute anywhere in HK! If you wish to buy drinks or snacks, there is a mini mart right opposite the hotel. We would definitely love to stay here again.

The lobby and reception

Night view of the swimming pool from our room

Huge bathroom!

Bathrobes anyone?

Ruzain super exhausted on the bed!

A cozy living area which becomes farisa's crib

morning view!!! Fantastic..

This is a small modern chapel just outside of the hotel

Yup, this is the hotel!! We would definitely stay here again should we be back from HK.. Insyallah..


Iela Fazielah said…
menariks sgt farah.....xsalah 2 thn berturut kan ke HK... insyaallah..teringin nak ke sana gak.... tp singapore yg dekat pun xsmapai lg..huhu