We're back!! First Day @ Hong Kong Disneyland (Part 1) Main Street Corner Cafe

Hi readers! Yup it was our first day of  Disneyland in 2015! The last time that we are here, we stayed in the Disney Resort Hotel. Since, we are staying outside of Disney we had the chance to try out the Resort monorail at Sunny Bay station. Aubeger provides free shuttle to Sunny Bay and we had to spend only about RM9 for the whole family to reach Disney Resort station. Talk about convenience and saving.

Feeling excited to be on a train

It was a Friday and we arrived quite early. I didn't feel the rush because we've been here before. So, we took our own sweet time posing and capturing beautiful photo moments.

Farissa wanted to be Princess Anna on the first day

Posing with Sun Flowers

Something that I really set my mind into doing, was to have the VIP dinner with fireworks access during the fireworks display. So, when we were on Main Street we stop by Plaza Inn to make our reservation. Total damage was about RM 490 for the family but I thought it was a money well spent because it truly felt exclusive that we had private access for the fireworks.

*Note: Kindly ask for vegetarian menu for Muslims

We next stop was Fantasyland, I promised the kids that we could ride all of the rides that we did not have the time to go before. I think because it was Friday and we were quite early that there was no queue at the The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. Hurray. Fun for us!

I love my stickers mommy!
Ruzain feeling kind of excited for the ride
Kanga saving Roo.. Oh the mighty wind!

Farissa with fello Tigger!

Winnie the Pooh Bear with lil Piglet
Our 2nd ride was on the Dumbo the Flying Elephant. A great ride if you have small kids. It does look like Ruzain was having so much fun on Dumbo!

Farissa "I hate heights!!!"

Smile! Papa is capturing our pics as well!

Aaaaaah the beautiful view...

Another show that we were quite keen to try out was the Mickey PhilharMagic. Last time when we were here the queue was super duper long that we decided to skip the ride but this time round, the queue was so short that we were first in line!! Even Ruzain truly enjoy the experience of the show. Haha!

Cool with 3D glasses

See first in Row!

"Part of your world!"

It's lunch time!! One of the HALAL restaurant is the Tahitian Terrace but it only opens at 12pm. We were there early to get first in line and bit the crowd but we had to wait for little while longer. I ordered 3 dishes, one I don't really know what it is but the other two was chicken rice and masala chicken which was actually very good. Yummy!

Drums.. This weren't here before..

Eeeerm it soya sauce chicken??

After lunch we met Kip the Ant! But Ruzain was super scared of Kip. Haha!

Demmit! I closed my eyes.. Boo!

I don't mind taking care of this statue mommy!

Farissa was lucky enough to join in Princess Anna and Queen Elsa parade and she was right beside Queen Elsa. Super excited ya Sissy.

Parents were all over in front of the line to take a snap shots of their own little princesses.

They are so beautiful! Haaaaaaai!

Hai Kakak!!

Now, we had to break off all the Princessy feeling2 to be fair to Ruzain, So, we decided to hop on the Astro Blasters. The ride was super fun and the kids had time to improve their shooting skills. As, expected Farissa beats mama by a whole lot! To be honest mommy spent most of her time shooting for best photo posses. :)

I want to do some shooting action mommy

Ruzain felt slightly insecure at this moment

Shoot it kakak!

Small souvenir shop at Tomorrow Land
Another cotton candy kakak? Seriously?

Ouch! By this time, mommy's feet has started to ache. Mommy asked papa if we could had a short rest at Main Street Corner Café. After browsing through the menu, I didn't feel confident enough to order their hi-tea (pork is in the menu). We ordered just hot drinks, some waffles and chocolate cake.

Food presentation was absolutely creative. We all love it! Even the tiny biscuits was little Mickey and Ruzain had fun biting off the tiny ear. Our simple hi tea cost about RM120.

Mickey waffles!

Hot chocolate for Kakak!

Tiny Minnie with hot tea

Disney Princess Chocolate Cake

Waffle and Cream!

I'm going to eat you!
Alright people! I am going to continue my next entry on our VIP dinner at Plaza Inn.
I am going out for Mother's day lunch with close family and will write more soon!