Family Happenings

Gosh... It's so difficult to write nowadays. I wish to spend more time writing insyallah. Just installed my new home PC last week. Told Mr. Bob that I love blogging and would like to spend more time into interior decorating. Yeay!

So, two weeks ago (yeah I know.. talk about back dated), we went to a wedding of a cousin of mine. She is the same age as my youngest bro2 aka Ayah Chu. Still remembered her in diapers back in the kampung days. It ways a good couple of hours spent with our family members which we hadn't seen for a while. :)

Mama and kiddos throwing funny faces

With my beloved cousing Sara and hubby Ameen

Adek also wanted to take some pictures with princess

Very nice setup for the pelamin right?

Look at me and my mom.. we kinda look the same rite? hahaha!


Iela Fazielah said…
of cos...mak n anak nampak sama...keluarga u tinggi2....