The Majestic Kuala Lumpur Review

Salam to all beautiful readers out there. How is your long leave? Mind has been very much quite relax because we decided to do a staycation only in KL. Weepeedoodah!
After browsing through, we decided to stay in Majestic Hotel, KL. One it looks good through the pictures, two it has some promotion with breakfast. We were click to book. Hehe.
We arrived at the hotel around 3.15pm but had to wait sometime due to the long check in line. However, when it was my turn, they told us our Junior Suite isn't quite ready yet. I was quite frustrated to wait about 40mins to get our room keys plus, there isn't one staff was willing to take the time to ask whether or not we need anything. *wasn't happy here*.

Kiddos fooling around while waiting

Finally after 40 mins of waiting, we were given our door access card. The kids were super ecstatic to see the our beautiful super gorgeous rooms. Jaw dropping!

Note: If you have small kids (like me) I was so worry for the kids to bump into one of the sharp edges of the furnitures that I cover it with towels.

Beautiful bathrooms, don't worry they have a draped to cover that translucent sliding door

Movies anyone?

Super luscious comfortable bed!! Don't jump on the bed yet kids, mommy need a photo moment here

Small living area

Cozy bed... AAAaaarghh I wish this was mine..

Just look at their excited faces!!

Very spacious indeed..

We could spy on the swimming pool from our Suite!

We got ready in the evening to have a movie nite at KLCC but first, Ruzain persuaded papa to bring him exploring around the hotel. Hehe.

Oooooh elevator button

Ooooooh Orchids..
Then, for dinner we went to the only restaurant that wasn't pack at KLCC which was the Bumbu Desa. Good food but slightly overpriced food. Great service by friendly staffs.

Interior decorating with Indonesian dolls

Ayam Bakar and Prawn Sambal

Fried Fish

The breakfast spread was also great, a variety of local and western breakfast. You will definitely be spoilt for choice. The kids however, only survived on cereal which cost us RM 34 per child.

I don't like the sausage mommy

Busy mommy

Back to our room and in our swimsuits!

The Majestic do not have a waddle pool for the kids.
So papa had to monitor the kids.

Spider man ready for action

I've met a friend before checking out.  Twas a very nice short staycation with the family. If I had the chance to do this again, it will not be at Majestic Hotel again. For the price, I would definitely try other hotels around KL.