Citigate Oulet and 3 of Our Huge Mistake!

Hello2.. Don't worry you guys.. hehe.. this would be our last entry for Hong Kong holiday *promise*.. I know what you're thinking yeay! the last one

Well, today, I am going to share our last day there in Hong Kong. There weren't so much planning goes into this last day. I told Mr. Bob that I would like to visit the Citigate Outlet and that's about it. So, that morning we woke up slightly later than usual, enjoy our breakfast in the bedroom. Then, we took a stroll around the plaza opposite of the hotel. Just wondering about taking pics.

The kids are kinda cooperative that morning for morning photo shots

You can see the beach from here

Beautiful bouquet of flowers everywhere!!

Nice fountain feature in the center of the plaza and many restaurants too!

Little Whale is a baby shop
Then, it is time to check out. I express my appreciation to the hotel staff, informing them that I had some fantastic time at the hotel. We grab a cab and haul our ever many suitcases in the taxi. The ride was kinda short and we were dropped off in front of Citigate. Our first mission was to find out the luggage locker. Imagine us dragging behind at least 3 luggages, a stroller and two small kids. In the end, we did found the locker.

First mistake: We arrive around noon, and there was no available locker! They have two floors of locker service but there are no lockers to keep our luggages. *super upset*. I told Mr. Bob to find a place for lunch then, maybe once again check for lockers.

Second mistake: After reading a few blogs, we got the impression that there is a halal restaurant here at Citigate at the food republic. Guess what? It has shut down and all others restaurant sell pork. So, with all the luggages, and cranky kids we went downstairs to Mc D for lunch. We ordered some fries and fillet o fish to survive our hunger. *cry here*

No locker? Shiiiiit!

Poor girl.. dragging one of the luggage..

Farissa with her lost Tsum2...

Little chicks everywhere!

Tsum2 eating fries
Third mistake: There is actually nothing to see or buy at Citigate. I am defitely not lying to you guys about this. As you know, I am a shopperholic and I love shopping but there is nothing to shop here. Everything seems so normal with no bargain prices. Boo!
Fun fountain with music. Definitely must see for the family

After walking a whole differences, we grab some coffee and muffins just to fill up our tummy before we go back to the airport. Here we spent some time killing off more time. Haha!

Master at taking photo
Tired and upset, we finally grab a cab back to the airport. But all ends well when we found a Disney souvenir shop which offers items up to 70% discount. Now that's what I call a good bargain.

Somesort of a Kidzania at the airport.

Waiting for a flight

The end and we welcome ourselves back to KL.. Home sweet home!


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