Disney Paint the Night Nighttime Spectacular Day 1 (Part 2)

Right after our dinner at Plaza Inn, we take a spot right in front of the restaurant for the 7pm Disney Paint the Night Parade. It was indeed spectacular. There were so many people and everyone was aiming to get the best shot possible. I do found some of the spectators were quite inconsiderate standing up in front of my kids to get the better view. Even harsh tones of my request were ignored. However, Mr. Bob had the courage to place Ruzain over his shoulder to enjoy the whole parade.

I continue on taking best shots possible and at the same time trying to enjoy the parade. I've succeeded. Since, this is a new parade show, I was quite at awe with all the lighting and familiar Disney songs. Aaaah. I could hear them still. :)


Sully from the Monster Inc.

Lightning Mc Queen is in the house!


Love the lighting!

Under the Sea with Princess Ariel, Flouder, Sebastian and King Triton!

Princess Bell looking taller then ever!

Mask parade with lights!

Heya Minnie!

The super mouse himself! Mickey!
Once the parade was over, we still got some time to go around the park before the fireworks VIP access starts. So, we brought the kids to Tomorrowland. We did not however had the time to go for the Astro Blasters once again because our time is up and we need to gather for the fireworks display.


Special seating for VIPs *that's us!* Yup, Farissa had asked her papa to buy her a magic wand

The castle all lit up nicely. I want to live in a castle. :)

It was truly magical

Best view from our seats!!!

Super magical!

Now you could see the rope that separate us, just look at people that stood up.

That was a magical ending for a magical first day. 
Stay tune for my next entry ok.

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