Tough Cookie.. Tough Mommy

I am a one tough mommy. I must admit that. So tough sometimes that I know I must have hurt my children feelings. I also know that growing up with a tough mom, does NOT gave me the excuse to be tough. I may look cool and collected. But you can ask my kids, I am a tough cookie to crack.

During examination times, I expect nothing less of Farissa. I drill her on the weekends, and school nights. Sounds exhausting, especially for a 7 years old. Somehow, getting straight As is not enough. School kids are getting smarter, if you were to get straight As, make sure its all above 90. Nothing below.

I know Farissa is a brilliant girl. She is. I should cut her some slack, give her some space to breathe. She is such a good girl. She helps with the house chores, morning craziness, she is my partner but sometimes I forget that. I need to thank her and tell her that I love her.

I shall do that tonite. My little gegirl. My rock!!