Refund for Flight Ticket MAS Airlines

Raya this year has been particularly difficult for us. We were supposed to travel back to Sarawak but somehow, Ruzain got sick so we're stuck here in KL and had to cancel our flight tickets.

Coming back to Sarawak is our yearly affair. Alternate years we will go back during Raya, and others we will go back during the school holidays. But this post is not written about going back to Sarawak but more towards getting a flight ticket refund.

My no. 1 rule to go back to Sarawak is to ONLY fly by Malaysia Airlines. Why? Comfort of course. I love in flight meals and sometimes getting ice cream in a cup is a treat for me Mr. Bob the kids. What you need to know when requesting for a refund.

  1. You will only have 24 hours! So, get your little petunies to the KLIA or KL Sentral MAS customers service to do so.
  2. Expect no full refund. Well, you'd be crazy to think that you could make have in full. This is no fantasy lala land.
  3. You will need to be VVVVVV patient. It takes 3 months to process. Which in my case, it was more than 3 months and multiple calls.
  4. They will make payment to your credit card. No CASH.
  5. Get refund with plenty of interest on your card.
My experience?

Well, it was pleasant for the first month. Freaking patience testing the second month and utmost outrages the third month. Example:

Call no. 1: Oh, you will have to wait for a maximum for 3 months.

Call no. 2: Has it been 3 month? Let me check.

Call no. 3: Yes, we have to check with finance but it's after 5. So, they are closed and tomorrow is a weekend. Call Monday.

Call no. 4(After 3 month is up): We had just received the forms.
Me: Its 3 months and you had just received the form?
MAS: Yes, the forms need to travel from KLIA to Subang to be processed. *I could drive from KLIA to Subang within a couple of hours tops!
Me: *absorbing all the patience in the world to be professional* Alright, thank you.

So, no problem of claiming your refund for flight canceled, but beware of the super long time frame. 

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