Pancake House Midvalley Review

I promised the family to treat them out for lunch. Why? Because I wanted to do my part to motivate lil Farissa that if she works hard, she will be rewarded. We went to Midvalley, last weekend the weekend before *I don't really know when* to search for some new bikinis  beach wares (proper mind you) and the kids wanted Pancake House.. 

When I first browse through the menu, I don't actually know what to order. Frankly, the choices are quite limited. Deserts look good though. So, I end up with chicken rice, Mr. Bob a taco and Farissa some spaghetti. 

They've made a story book menu.. Fun and creative to engage the kids..
The food is average and was not serve warm enough by my standards..

Simple chicken rice for me..

Peace yo!!

The pancake was actually nice and fluffy..
Some goes with sets so you need not order extra desert..
value for money right?

Try it out sometime ya.. :)