Our Scandinavian and Hamley's Weekend Party!

As you guessed.. its not really a party but as much fun!! Mr. Bob and I decided to bring the kids to Ikea for breakfast last Saturday and went out for wardrobe hunting. Naahhh.. not the expansive, massive kind but more like a small, cheap and temporary. Ayah Chu (my youngest lil bro) is currently living with me till the day he graduates is in desperate need of some storage space for his stuffs *he has loads*.

We arrived very early at Ikea, like 9.15am *hell yeah, for the first time man!*. Mr. Bob queued up and we enjoyed the same ol' goodies, fried chicken and almond cake desert.

I want my bfast mommy...
Awww.. such sweetheart...

Our favorites at Ikea.. Yummey..

We complete browsing through Ikea..
and most importantly made a purchase.. at around 11am..
Still early to go back.. we decided to visit OU shopping complex..

I wanted to find a couple of beach outfits for our upcoming 'honeymoon' wakakaka!!
We're leaving the kids for a couple of days just to relax..
and seriously I have nothing to wear.. :D
true story...

First stop was at Hamleys..
Farissa is eye-ing for her treat *we promised she could have something if she scores for her finals*..
While Ruzain.. spends a lot of time figuring out this wooden puzzle..

Alright.. we end our day out by having a nice seafood lunch..
I couldn't actually recall the name of this restaurant *my bad* Fish & Co. *I think*
but the menu is kind of similar to Manhattan Fish Market..