Universal Studios Singapore (USS) 2014 Part 2

Far far away... How unfortunate that I couldn't finish up my story in just a week. Boo hoo!! So sorry guys.. really backed up with work and work and birthday party and work. Yup, but that's another story though. Well, let us continue shall we?

The sun was shining hot and at last we arrived at Shrek's and Princess Fiona hometown.. Far Far Away..

We tried the Donkey Live Show which Farissa was chosen as a volunteer and the Shrek's 4D ride which Ruzain was flunk right out his chair! We had to move to a none moving seat up front the theatre..
If you have a toddler.. no worries.. most rides in far far away is toddler friendly..
Even the small ferries wheel was quite enjoyable for the kids..

Can you see two little eyes in there?

Who wants to go to the HUGE potty?

Right after our exploration in Far Far Away, we arrived at Madagascar..
The kids were super excited for the animated merry-go-round..
Farissa make herself extremely clear that she's wanted to be on Mot..
Ruzain couldn't careless.. :)

#throwback Farissa last time we were here!

We've made another stop at Mel's Drive In..
It is also Halal certified here.. We had our milkshakes, sausages and fries..
All was so yummy and to rest our aching feet!

Ruzain give his set of 10 peace!!
And after all that food, we made another round around the theme park and tried out rides that Ruzain was allowed to be on such the Accelerator!
It was super fun!!

Photo Op!! At Far Far Away..
We took some pics near a construction area which they are going to built another coaster..
If I was not mistaken its a Puss in Boots Roller Coaster..
Looks like fun too!

Thats it people!!
The end of our USS tour 2014..
Next up is our experience in Hard Rock Hotel RWSentosa..
Stay tune.. :)

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