Hard Rock Hotel (HRH) Singapore and Bali Thai Review

During our short 1 night vacation in Singapore, we decided to try out another hotel by RW Sentosa. Last time when we are here, we stayed at Festive Hotel (you can read it here). In comparison of price, Festive Hotel is slightly cheaper than HRH. Although the hotel is right beside from each other, the decor and service were so much difference. At Festive Hotel, the decorations were much more light and cartoonish, whereby here at HRH everything seems a tad bit dark and purplish. More sophisticated. Hehe. Does that make sense?

Anyway, Mr. Bob drop us off at the lobby and we were greeted by some of the friendliest bellboys. They were really concern on our well being and fast to act up when we needed the extra help. After checking in, while I am busily taking pictures of kiddos, one of the staffs even gave me plenty of pamphlets which I though "hey, that is super thoughtful!". :) 

There are quite a number of seating at the lobby.
We were waiting for Mr. Bob while he parks the car.

Ok. One thing that I REALLY LIKE about this hotel is the spaciousness.
I remembered staying that the Traders Hotel orchard road where the rooms are super crampy.
Here, the rooms are huge. There 2 singles and a pullout mattress underneath, talk about storage.

No bathtubs people!
and no bathroom doors either, which means while doing your business, your kids could actually say hello to you at any moment.
In  my case, it isn't anything new.
Ruzain ALWAYS drop by to check in on me. :)


Mr. Bob and Ruzain was admiring the Dolphin cove just outside our window.

Thank goodness for the pamphlets.
I could get the actual laydown of the resort.
Looking out for a nice restaurant for dinner.
Voila! We found a Halal Restaurant called Bali Thai.
Nice, something other than fast food!

Walking to the restaurant was a breeze!

There are many muslim's customers here having dinner.
I decided to go for some the old time favorite TomYam.
Ruzain wants to make an order as well.
All I can say is the food are good, price is ok, and the ambiance are comfortable.

We did some sightseeing before going back to our rooms.

The next day, I had requested a late check out.
So, the kids insisted to play at the pool after breakfast.
I've packed some biscuits, bread and milo from JB.
No need for breakfast at the hotel as I am absolutely sure that it will cost a bomb and non-halal.

The pool was absolutely amazing,
The sand is super white and fine, we just love it!
There is a slide and some sprinkles for the kids to enjoy.
The changing rooms at the pool is also a plus point.
Huge clean and service was fantastic.

For what it is worth.
We will definitely stay here again in the future.