Halal Places to Eat at Universal Studios Singapore ~ A Malaysian Mommy Review

Hi ya! Good looking people out there!

If you are a Muslim tourist exploring USS and wondering where you could catch a bite, well you came to the right post and blog *wink*. Let me just share with you where you could get a something to fill up that tummy of yours! 

Fyi, the first time I was here, man, I thought it was so difficult to find anything Halal *not enough research done*. But this time around, I really look into in and lo behold there's a plenty. Hey, we are not talking about the price here! This is a theme park, it is for almost certain that you will have to dig deeper into your pocket for food ;)

Ok, first and foremost. Please get yourselves one of these. It's a super huge tumbler that could be easily refilled for SGD2. The whole family could drink up and believe me, it is hot out there! Mr. Bob decided to grab one of these and we refilled it like 5 times!! Yup we like to drink out softies. Sluuurrrp!

Our first rest stop was at the Oasis Spice Cafe.
One thing that I could remembered significantly was how great it is to be in an air condition room. Haha!
Love the ambiance and decor. It was Mr. Bob's idea to have an early lunch to skip the afternoon crowd.
It was around 11 am and not so many people was there. 
We ordered 2 sets, I had the Chicken Bryani and Mr. Bob has the beef.
We ordered one kids set for Farissa and she could share her leftovers with Ruzain.

I personally like the taste of the food but some may find it a little plain.
Service was fast *not so many people* and if you buy the set, you will get jello for desert.

After we get tired of walking around the park, we stop by for some milkshakes at the Mel's Drive-In.
Milkshake wasn't too sweet which I like but the restaurant was full of people!
There was a queue  line and we had to wait a bit for an empty table.
But no matter, we did enjoy our hotdogs and fries!

Once, everything settled at the hotel, we had dinner at Bali Thai.
There you could see the Halal Cert at the entrance.
We ordered 3 main dishes (which is sufficient for our little family) and white rice.
Taste ok and drinks are ok.
Ambiance are quite simple, nothing fancy but still ok considering the price you pay is much cheaper than other fancy restaurants around here.

So, let me know what you guys think, have a go at these restaurants.
If you also had been too, just share your experiences with me. :)



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