Looking for a Modern Dining Set?

Well, look no further as SSF is currently having their SSF Furniture Special.. Whoop whoop!! Some of their chairs are also on sale! I've sealed a purchase *on a single chair* for my lil bro's room for only RM70 which I thought is waaaaay cheaper than Ikea chairs. :) 

Now, SSF is also moving towards d.i.y some of its furniture in boxes, so that they could sell slightly cheaper that they used to.. I bought a small computer table with tempered glass on top *black* for ONLY RM149.. Cheap rite? I know you guys want to check it out. Well why wait. Go and see for yourself. Btw, this is NOT an advert for SSF, just to share what I know.

Nice, transparent and modern..
Not my traditional taste though.. but I know some of you would LOVE it!

Hey!! The one in GREEN is not for sale ok..
You may loan Mr. Bob for his d.i.y expertise.. and thats about it.. Haha!!
But you'd still have to come to me for the approval.. :p
OOOooh.. this black baby is a beauty!!
Ok till next time ok..