Happy 1st Birthday Baby Boy!

Alhamdullilah.. Muhammad Ruzain has reached a super major milestone turning one (hurray!!).. How warm and wonderful I felt that morning knowing that my own little boy has grown up handsome, healthy and active.. I could not ask GOD for more greater gift than what he had bestowed on our family a year ago.. The birth of Ruzain..

Such a significant name chosen by myself, years before I even conceived him.. Why Ruzain? "tempat ketenteramanku" With all praise to Allah I prayed and hope that one day my son will give me the love and peacefulness that I craved once that I am no longer linger here in this world.. Insyallah..

But for now, know that mama, papa and kakak really loves you truly madly and deeply and shall do for the rest of our lives.. Happy birthday Ruzain.. Happy birthday my son.. :)

Hah!! Ramas puas2 kek tuh.. 
*love x 1million, zillion, trillion*


ayahmamilisa said…
happy birthday big boy ruzain :)
jadi anak yang soleh ye sayang :)
Iela Fazielah said…
hepi bday ruzain.... kejap je dah setahun kan....
Aidashar Abdul said…
happy birthday ruzain! Time flies and you are 1 already???!! Love!
Umi Aida said…
happy birthday Ruzain! muahh!
thanks auntie Zu!! :) Love! 2