Mr. Steak House.. Yeee Haaaaaw!!

Yeehawwww Fellow Readers,

Interested to try western menu near Seri Kembangan? But want something good in value and not expensive as TGI or Secret Recipe? Haaa you can try this.. Mr. Steak House..

We went there for a try after a long conversation on what to have for dinner.. I really wanted a good grilled chicken chop..

So, we chose to sit indoors and ordered:
Mr. Bob-T-bone steak
Me- Grilled chicken chop with beans and wedges
Farissa- Mushroom Soup and Garlic Bread

Taste - 3* (twas average, all dishes were slightly under seasoned)
Presentation - 3* (ok.. not bad)
Price - 4* (cheaper than other restaurants with same menu)
Total bill - RM56

Would I recommend people to go? Yeah, if you hate the thought of going so far for dinner and your home is in equine / SK.. Otherwise.. "carik tempat lain loor"

Would I come again? Maybe - I am not a hypocrite.. definitely will come again if I want so cheap western menu..

Oh.. Pictures of the food? None... hahaha... I took the pictures only after we had finished.. Sorry peeps!

Farissa said peace everyone.. Jom makan!

Papa and Ruzain settling down after billing...

I just love the decor of this restaurant..
It is really cozy, unique and old cowboy oriented..


Iela Fazielah said…
me luv too... murah meh.... mana nak dpt... walau pun kat menu penuh mcm2 skali order, byk xde... tp dah 2-3 kali gak ila pergi bila sekali skala rasa nak mkn steak..hihi