When We Eat.. We Really Eat..

After mama working hard for the last 12 days.. *hard?* It is time to lay back and chill with the little family.. Where to go? We finally decided to have lunch at Sunway Pyramid Bubba Gump Shrimp..

But what is so fascinating our menu are always changing and growing.. the bills never come down less that RM150 *now that Farissa is an active menu orderer*.. What da heck?! Anyways, the important thing is everyone is happy and tummy is full..

Oh hubby is now an active player round the dining table..
he really likes to feed his 'man son' hahaha...
I found it rather strange that Ruzain doesn't even know how to suck through the straw till now.. 

Oh ya..
please lah see our table which is full of glorious food!
we have appetizers,
main courses,
etc. *which could be anything in between*

ahaaaa!! I took a bite first.. then took the pictures..
Really couldn't stand the presentation..

Ok.. we will end this simple entry here..
Ruzain as happy as clown *is this right?*
Got the dessert just like his mama..
Chup chup

My messy lil hearthrob!


Liz said…
I agree, Bubba Gump mmg mahal. Sometimes boleh sama dgn price makan kat Chillis!