If You Cannot Handle My Kids, It's Ok!

Mommies have you ever gotten 'the look' when you are out and about with your kids? Especially when your kids are throwing a show down with ya?

Yup, it happens to me quite frequently now actually. Ruzain and Farissa are both screamers, either they are fighting with each other or did not get what they want. Sometimes, people just can't stand the commotion but they just give you a look tak pandai jaga anak punya orang or worse they stand up and change seating which are far away nampak gaya budak2 ni nakal tak reti duduk diam.. duduk jauh la

Fine, cannot handle us. Beat it! 


ayahmamilisa said…
sabar izza sabar..
itulah mommyhood namenye..
hanya Tuhan yang tahu kan..
cheers :)