My Obesession with Teh Tarik!

Have I ever told you guys that I have a strong addiction slash obsession with teh tarik.. Thats right! I'm not a coffee person but an absolute tea person. I really dislike the aftermath of coffee lingering in my mouth. Super yuck!

Last weekend, Mr Bobby of to work so I'm left with the kids *as usual* but this time with my only sista Hana! She doesn't even know that I blogged. Pffffft typical korean drama fans. Anyways, I dragged them off for bfast in Midvalley 'the Warung' because I want to be there early and go back early. Got some food, bday present for lil Ruzain and we went back. Haha. Shop much? Naaaah. We are saving for our trip next week. Hurray for long holiday!