Birth Story @ Sunway Medical

Salam.. Hi mommies.. I' baaaack.. :D Exhausted 100% but I'm baaack.. hehehe.. So, today I might as well share my birth story wit u all while Mr Bob is still at my exposal.. ngeh ngeh.. yup he is changing the baby's diaper as I'm writing this post...

It all started @ midnite of 25th Sept 2012.. 

12:00am - Started to have stomach pain.. was a bit confusing.. is it contraction? or one of my many constipation episod..

1.00am - Called Mr. Bob (at the office) let him know of the pain.. Ask him to rush back to the house...

2.00am - Called Mr. Bob yet again and he then yet again told me that he was just cleaning up @ the office.. I simply told him NOT TO BE STUPID and come back home asap... by then he know I mean business..

3.00am - Mr. Bob bathed and I called my brother in Uniten to come and babysit Farissa.. he came at about 4am and we went straight to SMC.

6.00am -  We were all in the labour room.. A nurse came and check my dilation and I was barely dilated! 0.5cm.. by then I was about 5 hours in pain 5 min apart.. I sms my boss, colleague and friends... tell them of the news.. then its back to the ward as the doc told me that we could be waiting for a day or two..

12.00 pm -  I was tired (as I did not get any shut eye since midnite).. ask some nurses for some kind of pain relief.. I was given none!! 

2.00pm - I ask for epidural.. by this time I was hugging the side of the bed and crying in pain.. huhu.. the nurse check my dilation and I was only 2cm!! wait.. almost 2 cm.. huhu.. 

3.00pm - I was in the labour room yet again waiting for my epidural.. ask the nurse "what is taking so long?" the nurse inform me that there were 9 cases of ceaser and the anesthesia docs are all preoccupied. I was like damn... she told me to wait about half and hour... I was 3 cm dilated..

3.45pm - I was rescued!!

4.00pm - I was 4 cm dilated and the nurse started the induction drip...

5.00pm - Side effects of the epidural.. I find it sometimes hard to breath.. I had to constantly move my head to the right and left.. I felt some heavyness on my legs..

6.00pm - The nurse came and check my progress again.. I was 10cm dilated!! geared up to give birth (alhamdullilah).. Mr. Bob was asleep at the sofa and told him to get ready.. he was definitely clueless!! He was like "10cm? ok.." fell right back to sleep.. hahaha <- that time it wasn't funny.. 

Now, here comes the part which makes me really pissed off... the doc came 1 hour later!! She had already gone back home!! When she came in.. ask me to try push 1 time.. I give it a go and my baby's head came showing 'down there'... Then, she ask me to hold it (not to push while she get her equipment ready).. huhuhu.. tried my hardest not to push..

I had the convenience of asking Mr. Bob "banyak tak rambut baby?" hahaha.. and he told me not so much.. haaaa what an experience compared to Caesar.. when I was ready the doc told me to push... she said one big push and the baby will come out..I gave her 7 pushes.. then... snip.. shhbuusshh.. baby comes out.. alhamdullilah...It was magical.. I had never seen so much love in Mr. Bob's eyes... the way he stares at the baby.. he told me that it was surreal....

Our beautiful baby boy
25 Sept 2012
3.28kg.. Born at 7.15pm..
Sunway Medical Centre..
Muhammad Ruzain Bin Bob Mohazari


kimi said…
eiiiii tomey2 nye dia... gerammm... mata sepet... pipi tembam... bau bby bestnye!! nnti nk jmpe zain lg.. nk cium2 :D
Nadra Farissa said…
mana ada mate sepet la auntie... :p
Nuha Ariana said…
comel2...mcm muka bob je...hehehe...selamat berpantang ye! tunggu giliran i lak tahun depan... :D
Umi Aida said…
Tahniah fara!
baby so cute!
Iamwhoiam said…
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