Raya Weekend with the Family!

This year Aidilfitri seem to be a lot quieter if compared with previous Raya. One main reason is that Mr. Bob and Farissa was celebrating Raya in Limbang. While myself and Ruzain was here in JB. The 2nd reason would be that, since my Nenma and Tok Ayah will be moving to Putrajaya at the end of the year, Mr. Bob and I were very busy assisting them by cleaning the house and such. There were so much to do and electricals to be installed.

So, last weekend, Tok Ayah and Nenma were planning for a short visit in KL, we took that chance by organizing our Raya visit at the same time. We went to visit for Raya 3 houses and attended 3 open house (that explained the 2 kilos of weight gain) right after raya) *dang it*

Another round of Raya this week.. Just can't wait.. :)

Tok Jedi and Jeda cooked for us Mee Rebus.. So awesome..

Kids nowadays... Sheesh.. Oh the two other kids are actually my cousins (which makes them Farissa and Ruzain's aunt and uncle)

Mama Ngah and Ayah Ngah was with us at one of the Open houses

This would be Tok Mama... She is the 3rd sibling from my Tok Ayah's side..