Painting Walls and Tight Timeline!

Alhamdullilah.. Up to date, I am in my 22 weeks of pregnancy, getting better I guess of the low HB and low BP. With the upcoming remaining 18 weeks before the due date, I felt every so rushed to get all the rooms that we have yet to paint painted. Even prior our move to the house, I've purchased 10 buckets of 5L paint. You can read here our journey of finding the right paint and purchasing it during one of the house expo.

So, the first room that I am determine to tackle was my craft room cum office space. Hopefully  by end of the process, it will be my creative thinking room. I chose the lightest pink that I could find to pair it up with the curtains of shades of grey (no.. not the movie.. hehehe). Frankly speaking, 85 percent of the prep and paint works I done it myself (yes tummy and all). Mr Bob only did the touch up and the top part of the wall. I've gotten plenty of practices using the long extended arm of a paint roller which makes the paint works at the top part of the wall easier.

This desk is actually bigger than the picture depict.. Planning to use it as my craft table.. Most probably after baby no. 3..

My small library. It is mine because Mr. Bob's doesn't read much. :p Most are actually my romantic novels.

The kids collection with my souvenirs from multiple disneylands (Shanghai, Tokyo and Hong Kong)

To keep it nice and organize, color code your books and arranged it by height!

Hope that this room will inspire you readers out there to re-organize your home and get your creative juices flowing. :)


Zie Azi said…
handbag gold tu lg menarik perhatian..hehee