Hari Raya 2017~ Our one of a kind Raya

Selamat hari raya wonderful readers!! Muaaaahs!!

How was your Raya? We had our first one of kind raya. :) Mr. Bob and I were (for the first time in our lives as a married couple) celebrated our Raya separately from each other. We both had one of the children with us. Ruzain was with me in Johor and Farissa was with Mr. Bob in Limbang. Why separated? I hated the thought of traveling so long in Sarawak (as I was going to 6 month of pregnancy).So, JB it was. Hehehe.

Anyway, it felt a little bit empty inside (I will not lie about this) but being raya... We still had a blast raya. :D Our first raya is very simple, just our family and a short visit to my grandmom's, we had nasi bryani and kambing kuzi. It was also little Ms. Yamyam first raya. Yam2 is my adorable nice.

Ruzain and Yam yam (in a gojes red kebarung)

The granpies and the grandkiddos

Kissy with mommy

Cepat salam mama chu.. nak dpt duit raya ke tak?

Dgn Ayah Chu plak

One of the whole family!!! (Missing was mama ngah / ayah ngan / Yam yam/ Mr. Bob and Farissa)

Then, we visited Tok Nyang (my grandmom is Stulang Laut)
Mr. Bob touch down in JB on the 3rd day of Raya with Farissa. By now, the girl was ecstatic to be reunited with her little brother (more or less to pitch a fight with each other).

On the 5th day of raya, we stopped by in Melaka to visit my BFF Ms. Faizurah (never missed it each year) and she prepared for us a scrumptious 'sup tulang'. 

Hot from the Novva cooker.. Yummeh

We could eat it with rice or noodles

Little Faeq also had lunch with us on the table

Group photo!!
The last house that we visited was my own little bro's (yam yam home sweet home). Just a short stop over for cuddles and kisses. Hehehe.

Miss this little girl already!

and that's wrapped up our short raya week... :)