Open House 2017 and Aqiqah for Little Maryam

Alhamdullilah.. Praise to Allah, we are able to organize our very first Open House on the last Raya weekend. :) It was a beautiful event attended by many of our friends, family and love ones. Mr Bob and I had been going on back and forth, and finally decided to organize it anyway. To make the event much more meaningful we did Maryam's aqiqah as well sponsored by Tok Ayah.

Most of the food was catered and Nenma has agreed to cook some her delicious spaghetti and baked cabonara penne. Tok Ayah also brought some of his favorite cheese cake and chocolate cake ordered from his resort's chef. It was divine!

Review of the services:

Syafiq catering (overall caterer) - He did offered the best price compared to other caterers. Food was quite good and the teh tarik was the absolute best. The downside was, they were late (arriving 10 mins before the event started), when they had promised to arrive 1 hour before. So of the guests had to wait. The pramusaji/waiter cost us RM80 per person (we hired 2) and both went missing for sometime. I was extremely upset by this since they didn't notify me nor Mr. Bob on their whereabouts. Anyway, never again I guess.

Mak Tim's Catering - This caterer only provide the aqiqah cuisine of Kuzi Kambing. They were also quite late to arrive (as they were lost). However, they gave us absolute good service and the food was good. Overall, we are quite happy with this caterer. They had also offered to buried the remains of the goat on our behalf.

Sweet Dessert:
I've ordered the Syawal combo 1 which consist of 2 boxes of chocolate brownies, 1 box of congo bar and 1 box of pecan cream delight from Sabrina's Bakery Cyberjaya. It was a hit and everything was finished even before the event was over. Highly recommended. Cheap priced too!

So, enough of the reviews.. more pics please!

Ruzain and his cousin Yam yam

Kuzi Kambing anyone? So good.. comes with salad and rice too!

Pink and red canopy

The happy mommy and daddy


My cousin Rafiki with Nenma and Tok Ayah

More of our family

Heck we even invited our supporting Setia's Customer Relations

Close buddies.. Ms. Anna.. Looking gorgeous as usual

With the family!!