Nenma and Tok Ayah Newest Home Sweet Home

We just can't wait for Nenma and Tok Ayah to be with us in Putrajaya. Since the house in Johor has loads and loads of furnitures with 30 years of stuff accumulating, Tok Ayah decided to move out some of the furniture first, followed by another 2 loads of 5 tonne lorry later this year.

We've been using this transportation service provided by Abg Murad for years. So, I recommend them to my parents with the price of transportation well kinda affordable (JB-KL). Tok Ayah moved some of the bulky furnitures which includes a set of dining table, sofa set, a set of washer and dyer, bed frames and display furnitures (most of them antiques pieces from Indonesia).

So, off to Putrajaya!

Abg Murad rearranging the furnitures on the lorry

Some carpets and bulky furniture on top

Ooops refridgerator cannot be fitted into the cabinet. Wrong measurement. Huhu.

Dining table without the top

Sofa in the living room

I thought it was nicely arrange (although temporary)


Za Za said…
cantiklaa lampu kat kitchen tu.. bintang2.. :)
seronoknye parents dok dekat..