Smart Reader Kota Perdana Open Day 2015

*Slight update: I was called by the SRK management (today 21.9.2015) and was informed that they do have a IEP (Intensive English programme) that allows children to stay in school for the whole day. They do not have any transit as it was against the franchise policy*

I believe most parents will be busy during this time of year scouting for suitable schools for their little one. Yup, Ruzain is turning 4 next year *time flies so fast* that we are scouting for kindergarten too. It is only natural to drop by Smart Reader as Farissa once gone to this school. Management of the school has change and now the school syllabus includes more Islamic curriculum.

I was busy that time and couldn't go with lil Ruzain to visit to school *cry*. Such a milestone to missed. However, papa took the kids out to SRK to check them out.

In front of the school

Take off your shoes adek!

Kids visiting teacher

In the principle office

Look confused.. Not sure if he is delighted to be here

Curious.. What is teacher writing?

Farissa when she was 5 yrs old in the same school!!!

Still a bit unsure of teacher

Looks like Ruzain is a bit jumpy around teacher.. but we are still looking around..
So, let's share a bit on info on SRK Islamic Kota Perdana.

1. Price: It's a lil bit on the high side. Monthly is RM 295. There is no transit class in the afternoon, so there maybe extra arrangements that parents must do.
2. Curriculum - SRK Kota Perdana is an Islamic branch. So, kids will have the opportunity to learn more islamic curriculum.
3. Transport - SRK Kota Perdana do have a transporter that could send your kids back to home / taska of your choice with a fee of course!
4. Breakfast - Simple breakfast is included e.g: cereal
5. Registration fees is also quite high - RM 1700++

So, would we choose SRK? Well, we'll have to see other Kinders as well and choose the most appealing to us. Insyallah, more updates will come soon.

My beauriful boo.. Love you adek!!