Little Caliph Cyberjaya 2015 Open Day

Little Caliph Cyberjaya is organizing its Open Day 2015 on the 19 Sept 2015. Unfortunately we will away on that day. So, I decided to check out the place a week early because I heard so many good things about Little Caliph from friends.

We were brought to wait at the Principle Office

Buddy in crime

Teachers for Lil Caliph
So here are our findings:

1. Price: Cheapest around Cyberjaya! Wuuhuuuu! Only RM 450 for full day (extended programme).
2. Curriculum - The syllabus revolves around Islam understanding and this is what truly caught my interest. Even math and science!
3. Transport - Ruzain will not need a transporter as the extended programme will be in the same building. :) *plus point here
4. Breakfast - Breakfast / Lunch / Tea will be provided and the menu definitely looks good.
5. Registration fees is about RM 1500++ (including booking fees RM 200)

So, if the  items I highlighted here caught your interest, why not dropping by during their open day. :)


Iela Fazielah said…
program LC ni mmg bagus..harga dia pun berpatutan.....
Farha IbuCergas said…
Anak saya dari 4 tahun kat sini. Sgt2 recommended! serious banyak surah dapat dihafal budak2 ni. seronok sgt.