Narita Airport Terminal 2

First thing first, let start from the actual start. :) We opted to travel to Tokyo in September because the flight ticket at the time was cheaper than the usual. Same goes to the hotel.  Once the ticket bought we then surveyed the weather forecast and Tokyo at this time is very wet. We had no real choice but to go ahead with our trip plus the ground agents ensured us that there is no major issues.

We brought water proof jackets and sweaters as we were planning to visit mount Fuji. Suitcases were very heavy as I never travel light. Haha! Our flight travelling to Tokyo will depart around 11.30pm from Kuala Lumpur International Airport. We had our dinner at Food Garden  KLIA, food was bearable but fairly expensive.

Ruzain had a slight mishap on flight as he was air sick and vomitted when we about to arrive in Narita. Thank god for my excellent body language predict ability, I was able to prepare a bag in a nick of time. Huhu. So, my recommendation no nauseous food/drink like chocolate milk before landing.

Excited faces

MAS will provide games for children
We arrive around 7.30 am at Narita airport. This airport has 3 terminals *that I know of*. We got down at terminal two. Here, there is one restaurant that serve halal cuisine. I couldn't recommend much as my parents were the ones that tried out the restaurant, we *the young ones* were assigned to watch over the many2 luggage. Huhu.

I would advise for parents with small kids to bring your stroller along because there will be a lot of walking around Tokyo.

Explaining our next plan in action

Narita Airport!!

The easiest way to get to our hotel which was situated in Odaiba was to commute by Limousine Express (which is a bus). The ticket cost us about 2800 yen for each adult and took us about 1hr to reach the hotel.

If your hotel have a website, check out the ACCESS TAB to find out ways to get to the hotel. Train/bus/cab which ones are the most suitable for you.

Hmmmm is this the right bus stop?

Cute mascot
Salty biscuits to beat the nauseas stomach
We also drop by the terminal 2, 7 eleven and got ourselves some drinks. This orange soda was actually quite refreshing.

Learning to line up at the right line. The bus is creepily punctual.