Odaiba, Surabaya @ Aquacity and Grand Pacific Le Daiba Review

We arrive at the hotel quite early which was around 11 am, so our rooms was not ready. The reception informed us that we could leave our luggage with them and check in later at 2.30pm. As it was nearing lunch time, we decided to scout at the nearest shopping complex to the hotel which was Aquacity! It was a stone throw away from the hotel.

Rainbow bridge Odaiba was super close to the hotel.

Tok Ayah and Ruzain walking under the covered walkaway
We discovered that Aquacity is like any other shopping malls here in Malaysia and It does offer 2 halal restaurants (not certified halal though) in the premise. One is an Indonesian restaurant Surabaya (it does not offer pork) and the other is The Oven which sell American Buffet style (also not selling pork).

Stroller Carrying our many2 bags

In front of the Restaurant
We ordered a couple of dishes and the lunch set was also good. One set will cost you about RM40 per person. Our little family of Mr. Bob and the kids ordered some individual dishes and white rice *I was quite surprise that the rice was Japanese rice**Sticky in nature* One dish will range about RM 30. The omelet cost us about RM 30 where as in Malaysia you could get it in RM 7? Hehe.

Discussing on today's planning

Ruzain and his art work

Calling Ayah Ngah back home

This is our server for the day. She could well speak Indonesian of course.

Mr Bob

Surabaya menu, the dish set that cost 3580 yen which is about RM110.

Mr. Bob's beverage of choice (non alcoholic)

Omelet with veges

Chili Kang Kung *so nice* must order

Fish with lemon grass. Super tasty as well.
After lunch we walk around Aquacity to check out the many shops available. We stop by the G-Shock watch shop as the prices weren't all that bad. Very nice and made in Japan ;). There are also other odd looking but fantastic shop with interesting design.

Nane was telling Ruzain that this is one of Ultraman's watches
Plastic food display *very famous in Japan*
The Candy Museum with many candies for Halloween
Longboard Cafe. Such a vintage design. Looooove it!
Then, we took a stroll back to the hotel but not before stopping for a photo of a mini Statue of Liberty and the Rainbow Bridge *yup again*.

Follow pose
Everyone is ready?

Beautiful sight isn't it?
What's wrong with my face *gasp!!!*

Tokyo teleport building. Very colourful at night!

I had chosen Grand Pacific Le Daiba hotel because of these reasons:

  • Luxury hotel with reasonable price - RM 4++ per night
  • Disney good neighbor hotel which provide free shuttle to and fro Disney Resort
  • Location near to halal dining at Aquacity
  • Free wifi *the most crucial reason* Haha!
  • Super near to Daiba Station
  • Provide free shuttle around Odaiba
Would I recommend this hotel? I most definitely would and repeat staying here if I got the chance.

Rooms are quite spacious considering we are in Japan

Bathroom with a tub *nice*

They provide a lot of interesting amenities, not the usual ones like, hairband, face soap, bath towel, hair brush, etc.
Beds are cosy and comfy

Eco friendly big bottle of body wash, conditioner and shampoo

Love those huge mirrrors

Luxurious Hallways