Preparation Tokyo Trip 2015

Ohaiyo!! We had finally arrived back from Tokyo. It was a 1 week trip with both of my parents, sister, aunt and uncle. We took a flight nearing midnight on Sunday. As you would have guess, it is utmost impossible to write everything in 1 entry so there will be multiple entries. Insyallah.
Today, I will only be sharing on my preparation before going to Tokyo. So, sit tight and get ready with a glass of hot tea before reading on. :)
Reason to Go
My main objective for travelling to Tokyo is non other than to visit the ever famous Disneysea. I've read one blog from Elly and felt very inspired to see the theme park with my own two eyes. I know its crazy right? A theme park but yeah.. a theme park. However, there is so much more to see in Tokyo, we visited Mt. Fuji (a must do), Odaiba (man made beach), tried out exiting food, etc. I went to Tokyo with family but we decided to separate as I had wanted to visit the Tokyo Disney Resort (TDR) much longer than everyone else.
Flight Ticket
We bought tickets about 1 year prior to the visit. My parents refuses to go via Air Asia so we opted for Malaysia Airlines (not a bad choice if I might add). They offered to sponsor both of the kids *which was a huge load off from our pocket. 1 ticket from Malaysia Airlines cost us about RM 1700 each. So, do your math.
48 hours before our flight we called MAS to request for our preferred seating which all 4 of us to sit together. However, we came to realise that if we arrange this at the very last  minute we may be seated separately (its going to be insane to manage two small kids alone).
In flight special meal for children
Passports and Visa
No visa is required. Prepare your passports according prior to flying. Now based on the low RM 200 for 1 passport, it is easier to apply and travel overseas.
Tip: If you are anywhere around Selangor, it is great to apply for passports in Putrajaya in a working midweek. The service are very fast.
Hotels are crazy expensive in Tokyo. Expensive as shit. So, please arrange your hotel much2 earlier for discounts. You could definitely rent cheaper homestay but it really depends on choice. For this trip we stayed in not only 1, nor 2 but 3 hotels!! *Something that I will never do again with small kids*. Anyway, most of you may wonder how much does it actually costs? Hold on to your wallets:
Grand Pacific Le Daiba - RM4++ per night

Miracosta - RM 18++

Tokyo Disneyland Hotel - RM 15++

Now, the next question is, is it worth it? For us, it most probably be a one time thing *100% sure at this moment* Why? The convenience of it all is priceless. I guess you can find money but to buy the actual experience is priceless. We hardly think there will be a next time for this. :) Haha! My Bob would probably nod his head on this.
*More about each hotels later ok.
Group Tour
We did hire a professional group tour *we acquire this as my dad insisted on it*. Thank GOD we did. The service was top notch and if you want to get the contact, kindly email me ok. How much that tour cost? Well, all inclusive including lunch and dinner for 5 days was RM 2300 except for Disney tickets and hotel that goes separately.
Mount Fuji tour - 10 degrees up here and its very windy!!
We did brought our own food for comfort but most of the time we eat out. Brahim's instant rice was good and we also brought bread, milk, cereal. Plus food was include in our package so we did not have to bring that much.
If you are a Malaysian or Indonesian Disney fanatics. I will cover my Disney experience for all of you really soon ok. There is so much to cover and share with you guys.
I won't be of much help in this area because we have always use buses/taxi/private cars. You may have to do your research elsewhere ok.
I've arranged Pupuru wifi service which was 100% excellent. You could estimate about RM30 per day. It helps us a lot when we are out and about. They will send the mobile wifi to your hotel and you could ask for assistance from the hotel to post it out back. Easy peasy ok.
We use Qiblat Connect App in Tokyo and you will be please that Disney / Narita Airport / Gotemba Outlet all have prayers room for Muslim. So, don't fret. Even the airport have 2 halal outlets for you guys to try out.
I think that insurance is important if you are out from the country. If you have little ones under your care. We use AXA travel insurance and got the premium package. You never know right?
I think that pretty much covered the overall preparation. However, if you have any questions at all, you could just drop me an email. I will try my very best to answer.

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