Siam Thai Cuisine Subang Parade Taste Failure

Hye  guys. You know I like to try out new restaurant right? So today, I am sharing a new restaurant that we had never tried before which is Siam Thai Cuisine @ Subang Parade.

We went to Subang Parade trying to find Farissa a Disney Princess outfit for our upcoming trip. The search was successful and we're off to lunch. At first, Mr. Bob suggested that we went for our favorite nasi padang @ Sari Ratu but in the end, we end off lunching at Siam. Haha. Twas a huge mistake.

The interior of the restaurant was overall inviting. Mostly orange color theme, the restaurant deem spacious and warm. We took seat and straight away Mr. Bob was commenting the lack of patrons in the restaurant "Why do you choose a restaurant with no people?" *blaming me* huhu.

Anyway, the menu like a typical thai restaurant but the price are way way way way way higher. We ordered only 4 dishes and none out of the 4 was tasty. *deeemmm*

Don't be deceived by those cute smile.. still blaming me for choosing this restaurant..

Ruzain with his new Ultraman purchased..

Farissa smiling without showing her two lost teeth up front.. hehe.. You go girl!

This fried squid was more than RM 32 and it was as plain as hell..

Banana tempura with ice cream.. How can you go wrong with this?

Lala tom yam.. which was so so..

Butter prawn *yuck* under seasoned..
You guys have been warned. Better go to Johnny or Black Canyon theirs are so much tastier.