My Littlest Bro2 is Engage!

Aaaaargh.. these photos are not in the right order and I have little patience to arrange it. So bear with me.

Last weekend, our family accompanied Ayah Chu for his engagement affairs in Bukit Katil Melaka. Yup, my little baby brother all grown up. *sobs*. The event is on Saturday, so early that day our family gather at one homestay in Durian Tunggal. The house is huge with 4 bedrooms which accommodate our family great.

The sisters in the family with the future bride
Now we discuss the engagement terms

Kindly sign the agreement should you agree with the terms.. *cough*
Nenma and Mama Chu!!
Mommies and Grannies on both sides

Farissa with the hantaran I made

Hi Ayah Chu!! Good luck!!

Mama ngah with one of the hantaran

Usually hantaran should be in odd numbers but we had no choice to include tepak sirih as requested by the bride's granny
Discussion2.. Hehe