Disney's Inside Out

We just got back from watching Disney's Inside Out. Truth be told that this movie is quite fascinating to watch. It's quite different from the norm Princess adventures that we are used to watch offered by Disney.

However, Farissa was so engrossed by the unique emotions characters that she hardly ever blinks. :) It was a different story from Ruzain whom felt bored even from start *hehe*. I would definitely suggest this movie to older kids as it is quite conversational and that smaller ones will find it hard to relate.

My personal favorite character is Sadness as I found her to be quite adorable. There is this one part where Riley (the main girl) was feeling quite sad and her parents comforted her, the emotion were quite strong that Ruzain suddenly told me "Mama, adek sayang mama".

Mama also loves you Sayang. So, if you get the chance why not catch this movie too. I'm sure you could relate.