Hotel Nur Miri Review and Madli's Satay!

Today we shall have a short review on a small hotel gem that I found in Miri. We had decided to return to Miri a day before our departure back to Johor. Browsing through, I spotted a new hotel in Miri known as Hotel Nur. It is a fairly new hotel (only 2 years old). Booking was straight forward and the price was very reasonable.

Upon reaching the hotel, the lobby was decorated with Raya theme and the ambiance was warm and welcoming. Check in was brief and we received our room keys in a jiff. Each guest was given only 1 card so Mr. Bob had requested for a spare *just in case*. Decoration was modern and the rooms are very clean. Small thoughtful items like the Yassin, Extra Pillows, Iron/board, was well prepared in the room.

Posing in front of Hotel Nur

You can also find the room service menu and prayers time on the desk
TV with astro channels are also available

The bed after the kids had a roll over on it.. haha..
That evening, FIL (grandaddy) had some craving for Satay, so after Googgling we found Madli's Satay in Miri city which is halal certified and are quite famous (3 franchises). I could easily guaranteed you that the Satay was scrumptious but it took them for a while to deliver our dinner (especially mine as I got mine last). Food was quite good but the price is slightly on the high side.

Lot 1088 Ground Floor, Jln Merpati, 98000 Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia, +60 85-426 615

However, I am quite sorry folks but I did not capture any of the food pics that night. I was quite busy enjoying my warm and juicy satay.

Their promise to customers

Mr. Bob

Waiting for our dinner
So, if you are anywhere in Miri or planning a vacation in Miri try out one of this two recommended places ya. :)