Franco IOI City Mall Review

Hi lovely readers!!

Today special eatery place that I would like to review and share is Franco. How do I discover Franco? Well, I saw it a couple of times advertising in facebook. It always show delicious photos of desserts and pastas. So, when we came across it at IOI City Mall, I couldn't help it but to try and dine in. So, here is my review.

The ambiance of the restaurant was warm and inviting. We were greeted with friendly servers and they really know the menu *although at times I do feel like he is asking me to order certain menu items without me wanting*. Yes, price was a bit on the high side but I guess as long as the food look good and feel fresh. What the heck, just go for it!

Our dessert, a must order!


Pasta and dessert.

Rustic traditional seating.

Sugar and milk with our tea and coffee.

Mr. Bob got himself some black rice with mushrooms and egg. It is actually quite nice.

I got this. Some sort of seafood marinara. Delicious.

Farissa got herself some french toast with whipped cream.

Oh yes, with maple syrup.

Vanilla ice cream with biscuits and berries.
Would I dine in Franco again? Maybe, if other options runs out. :p Or if I have some cravings over their ice cream or dessert. Haha!


dorsett pink said…
saya selalu ke ipi city mall tapi tak pernah lagi try franco ni.. maybe one fine day boleh la try
Iela Fazielah said…
menarik...... ila xpandai nak cuba tempat2 bleh cuba nnt