Spongebob the Movie and TGI's Lunch @ Alamanda

I love spending the weekend with the family. Mr. Bob has always been super busy during week days and the only time that we could fully be with our kids is during the weekend. So, last week it was a last minute decision to bring the kids to watch Spongebob. We are not big fans of Spongebob, although it is nice to catch a movie after a long while of not doing so.

After Farissa's morning class, we dragged the kids to Alamanda to catch the latest animation. Not before we had lunch at TGI's. Mr. Bob really wanted to have some of his buffalo wings, so I had no choice but to go along with it.

Here is the culprit!!

This would be  Farissa's latest pony addition..

I couldn't stuff my self with more red meat so I had the fish and rice

Hey a spaceship!! COOL!!

Adek is relaxing after a tiring swimming session with mommy..

A must have!! Nachos.. Farissa's favorite..

Yup, say no more.. This would be Mr. Bob's plate to a much swollen tummy.. :p

I love this wall color combo!! Ideas for next renovation?? Hmmm bedroom inspiration!!!

Oh yes. The movie was actually quite ok. The first half really make me super sleepy and drowsy but the second half was quite exiting. The kids however was glued to the seat until the very end of the movie. So, yeah! 3 stars for all the funny clips and for keeping the kids occupied! :)