Fish & Co. Main Place

I've been meaning to share the pics that I've taken during our lunch at Main Co., Main Place Shopping Complex. There are actually only few shopping outlets here at the shopping complex, but we were here because we were curious.. :) Plus, we were hungry and need a place to hang for lunch.

So, as usual, we got something for the whole family to share, some fries and seafood of course! The staffs here were amazing, people friendly and quite attentive. The children got themselves some creative packs which include a folder, activity sheet and paper crown. :) Nice, which makes them very busy and mommy very happy.

Nice size.
Baby boy playing with his activity sheet & paper crown

Ooooh.. this is hard.. Are you sure I have to finish this mommy.. Yes, darling you must.. :)

Deadly eyes staring at you... eat me...

Mama and papa..

What's next?
Can you see Farissa and papa resemblance? Same right? Haha!
Overall, we had some fantastic fun time with the family, alhamdullilah..

Smile papa!