Agoda VS - A Malaysian Mommy Traveler Perspective

Hi bloggers! 

I feel like that I wanted to do a bit of sharing on my preferences and my experiences while using both Agoda and It's my own tips and perspective so don't go bashing on my ideas! While that having said, both of these 'holiday' management websites are my most preferable ones. I had tried many others like Asiarooms and Expedia, but I realized that I usually will fall back on these two. Mainly, I think that it is user friendly and the bookings management tool are easier to update changes.

What are the steps when it comes to hotel booking?
  1. Finalize the destination. haha! This would be a pre-booking step. Everyone knows that transportation and accommodation would be the most expensive when it comes to travelling. So, I will go online find the most cheapest flight ticket *now, we have 4 butts to cover*. Got that done, find a hotel.
  2. Open up 3 tab's, browser of choice, type in, agoda and tripadvisor. 
  3. Get the hotel that I find most appealing *which depends on the person* budget? comfort? kids friendly?
  4. Read up reviews *more like doing a paper research* Haha!
  5. Use the dates to get the price *now this would be the tricky part*. Usually, and I mean like seriously usually, agoda will have the most cheapest price BUT the terms are usually not to my liking. Example: Book and pay immediately, no cancellation, no breakfast (making the booking like blah...)
  6. on the other hand are much more terms and condition friendly. Meaning I like. :) Payments will come only once you arrived at the hotel. You can make changes for FREE!! Yippiedoodah!
  7. So now, I will book like crazy. Skip the agoda, using and book all the hotels that I feel like staying. *Yup, I am crazy like that* In the end, I will finalize the hotels that most fits into my category. Got it?
  8. Should I discover agoda is so much cheaper than I will still book through but as the travelling time is nearing and the price remains unchange (still cheap), I will cancel my booking over and book through agoda! Yeay as simple as that. Got it? I hope you do. :) manages your booking

Hotels that I happily canceled for free!

Book. Book. Book. Different hotels.

 Agoda My bookings.

Free cancellation and pay nothing. But pay MORE!

Pay now and you get a cheaper price.

You make the decision. Hope this helps!!


dorsett pink said…
Saya biadanya guna lebih murah dari agoda. Tapi depends pada people la mana yang dieorang nak
Charlers John said…
Very interesting! This work is really satisfactory for us. Thanks
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