Happy Birthday to Me!! I am so Young!! @Dewan Guthrie

Hi ho everyone! Yes, it was my birthday a few days ago. 16 March to be exact. This was really special. My aunt decided to sponsor all March Babies birthday *me included!* Yippie!!

The theme was orange and the whole family is there. Before the event starts, we had some doa selamat and tahlil. Before long the hall was crowded with close friends and family members.

Me and Sissy!
Mr. Bob and Tok Ayah
Coloring corner for the kids
Kids having fun!!

Little Ms. model.

Shy boy

Tadaaaaa!! My bday cake!! Nice right?
It is a victorian sandwhich cake from Zhadra the Bakers which was awesome!!

Ready and smile everyone!!

March babies on stage!

Yup sweet 17 for me.. Muahahaha....
Time for Mama to cut up the Cake!! Ruzain is there to cover up my shyness. Haha!