Mattel Warehouse Clearance 2015!!

Hi everyone! Feeling like you need to release some stress by spending some cash? Well, the Mattel Warehouse is currently going on right now @The School, Jaya One Petaling Jaya. :) It was super madness at the sale which opens up at 9.30am for 2 consecutive days. The crowd was totally gearing up to load up their boxes with super deals of toys. From my observation, these toys are available:
  • Barbie
  • Disney princesses
  • Max Steel
  • Fisher Price
  • Hot wheels
  • Uno Games
  • Thomas (very  minimal)
  • Monster High

Just look at the crazy lines!

People loading up their boxes

Monster high: Average the price goes about RM35

Many Max Steel Toys for Choice

I really love pricess sophia but Farissa is way to big for this.. :(
In the end, we bagged up 2 loads of plastic bag for this kids. Hurrah!
The total? Well, my purchase cost about RM350 worth of damages.
A year supplies of toys. Priceless!

Mr. Bob hauled up my damages

Is it worth it go?
Heck yes. Go if you can, look out for great bargains and share your stories too ok. :)