Puffy Buffy Cyberjaya

I know you guys love it when I talk about food. Don't deny it! Well today, just wanna share with you guys my personal experience having lunch at Puffy Buffy. First thing comes to mind when I heard the name was like.. a cafe maybe? This is due to the fact of Puffy is kinda related to cream puffs.. right? *I am not making any sense here* hehehe...

Anyways, the place is quite pack during lunch hour but you can get almost anything here, nasi campur, nasi set, westerns, cakes, pastries, banana fritters " pisang goreng", pizzas, etc... Nice right? Ok, new menu, I would like to try a bit of western grilled chicken chop. Here's the deal.. I tasted better... Maybe, the recipe for grilled chicken could be improve (chicken a bit bitter overgrilled), mashed patatoes - ok, gravy - ok *nothing to shout about though*..

So, what I would recommend is that you order the rice set, which I thought the Ayam berlada set was much better. Service to table was faster and they came with drinks as well. All the waitresses are friendly and helpful, a bit confuse at times but still acceptable. Price wise. You can get a rice set for RM 10.90. This is average in Cyberjaya.

 Grilled chicken, mashed patatoes and steam veges on the side..

"Food is Love, Loving every bite" nice.....

 The restaurant is self is quite big, you can get easily 100 customers maybe?

Ahaaaaa.. this is Nasi Ayam Berlada that I was talking about.. Looks good..
Tasted ok. :)

Our table no!

So, if you feel you can add on a couple more calories like I did..
Try to order the banana fritters.. 


Nissa Azmir said…
macam menarik je ni... :)