Girl Bedroom Makeover: Pink and Duck Egg Blue

Hye people! Long time since I last wrote ya. Work at the office is mountain high and I didn't get the time to sit down and update. Last time, I did promise to write about Farissa's room makeover and today I will be sharing with you guys! Yeay!!

These pictures are begging to be shared. :) So, Farissa turns 7 this year and I've discussed with Mr. Bob that she needs a big girl closet. Not some shabby drawers she is using. We did a bit of splurging and because of the room she used to have is a tad small. We had to move her to the guest bedroom and her room became the guest bedroom. *Project!!!* hehehe..

Long story short, we had new curtains made, walls painted, furniture moved and voila! Believe me the process took us sometime as Mr. Bob travels and I had the kids all to myself. So, there weren't so much time to shop and planned. Ok, project breakdown.

  • Wall to be painted : Duck Egg Color, Nippon paint easy wash (1 liter)
  • Curtains to be made : Buy 1 free 1 from Kamdar IOI Mall (floor length)
  • New cupboard built up (Valencia, SK)
  • Furniture move to new layout

This is not a built in cupboard.
So, should we have plans to move the layout in the future, we could certainly do so.

Farissa has her own reading corner :) 
Her old wardrobe is still there for keeping t-shirts neat and tidy.

Her own make-up table, sweet right?
Pink against the wall duck egg blue.
I just love the color combination.
2 mirrors? What every girls need.


Iela Fazielah said…
nice la farah..ila pun plan nak bl almari mcm tu nak bl kat mixbox..aritu nmpak lori valencia dtg kat rmh colour combination sgt cantik.... bila masuk thn ke 4 duduk,,semua rasa nak new refreshment n arrangement kan??
tq ilah! mixbox ada mahal sket.. and kebetulan ada promo thats why amik yg nih.. mmg betul dah 4 yrs nak refresh feel rumah.. :)
Irma Putri said…
alalal so sweet sgt bilik kakak
Nissa Azmir said…
u.. mana beli katil pink tu... cantik sangat... nak beli tuk anak dara i...
Nissa Azmir said…
thanks ya.. info! nanti ai p carik. hopefully ada lagi..