A&W PJ Birthday Party ~Happy Birthday Khaleeq!

We were invited to a super duper fun birthday party! Whoot whoot! Who's Khaleeq the birthday boy? He is nanny's grandson and Ruzain everyday playmate. It was a day before Ramadhan and we felt really blessed to be part of this fun occasion. The theme was super hero and I went balistic finding the right costume for the party. Mr. Bob, Farissa and Ruzain were dressed the part. :)

Ruzain just woke up and couldn't be away from mama for even a second.
Need to warm up.

Farissa was with the family since born and everyone seems like her cousin.
She really had a time of her life.

Yup, that's Farissa and Ruzain's nanny.
I am not sure of her real name as I always called her nanny. Hehe.


By the time the party went on Ruzain started to feel the chill.

Nice goody bag! Each kid got a superhero toy.
Ruzain got spiderman (which by the way lost both of his legs before we reached home)
Farissa got Batman and Superman.


Overall, it was a happy event with many2 close family and friends.
We couldn't stay long as nenma and tok ayah is waiting for us at Paradigm.
So after we had our fill we left off to our next meeting.
But that's another entry.