Mad About Flowers! ~ Pesta Bunga dan Taman Putrajaya 2014

As'salam. Happy Tuesday people. Hey! Have you guys seen the Floral Fest in Putrajaya? If you guys got some extra time in your hands or you are planning to find some new pots and plants why not just come and buy it here. I guarantee you it is much cheaper than the usual plant nursery. Or if you have no intentions on buying anything just going there to spend some quality time with your family you could do that too!

One thing for sure, if you are going in the weekend, be prepared to nudge a few shoulders along the way. The crowd is ridiculous and I don't think bring an infant would be wise! It is hot and crowded. But this is a sure cool place for a nice photo session with the family.

Farissa enjoyed some of the garden display

The display are representation of garden design from different schools around Klang Valley

I like the English Garden concept here. Too bushy maybe?

Nice Wall Art.. :)

I thought the display of the flower fans are quite creative, colourful and camera ready
Ruzain giving me the "faster mama" look.. hahaha!

One of the main attraction would be this colourful umbrellas
When you see this you would know, it is almost at the exit
It also mean you are quite close to the shopping area!
My favorite area in fact! Hahahaha...
It was a very nice outing.. The kids enjoyed it tremendously...
So did their mama!


Nissa Azmir said…
ai tak sempat nak pegi lagik... menarik nampaknya...
Nuha Ariana said…
Yg payung bersusun tu menarik!!
mummy sheefa said…
I missed it again this year.Tgk gambar u dgn family mmg cantik. Mmg syok ambil gmbr kat tempat cantik mcm ni kan?Hahaha. Next year wajib pergi. Padahal duduk Putrajaya ni.