Didi & Friends, Ruzain New Muse~

Oh my. It has been sometime since I last update any posts. Last weekend, nenma and tok ayah is in KL and we had a blast entertaining them while papa is still in Temerloh.

Nenma and Tok Ayah had just got back from their Europe tour that we received lots of goodies from them. We've got keychains, t-shirts from Paris, wrislets from London, bracelets from Venice, soft toys from London Zoo and sweaters. So many goodies right? Hehe lucky us.

Anyway, just to share.. Ruzain fell deeply and madly in love with a new video from youtube. The main character is called Didi and if he wants to see Didi, he will hold out the tab and screamed "Didi!". So, this is not an English video that we usually shows him, it is Bahasa Melayu but it is totally funky and cool. I think its because the animation of animals dancing makes kids pay full attention. 

For the time being Didi & friends have 3 songs which are Rasa Sayang, Bintang bintang and Kalau Rasa Gembira. Have look.. who knows your kids will love it too!

Ruzain loves to mimik what Didi & Friends are saying like "terima kasih" "rasa sayang hey" and he is only 1!


Iela Fazielah said…
menarik... nnt ila tgk..boleh suruh imran tgk gak