Happy Birthday 8th Icha!

Farissa, Icha and Min min are best buddies! Their mommies are best buddies too! Since, Icha, Min min and Farissa is only a year apart, most of their liking are the same and also because of that they are really close.

Last week, we were invited to little Ms. Icha and little Mr. Harraz (icha's little bro) birthday party. The event took place in KFC Equine Park. The kids had a blast of time. If you want to read more of Icha's birthday party you can read: here, here, and here. :)

Ruzain had some fantastic fun too!

This year birthday theme is Rio2.
I find the colors really attractive and fun!

Don't look so surprise Mr Bob.
We know what you are up too...
Another plate I see.... hmmmmm :P

Now, there is a host that will conduct the games there.
What is most unexpected, Ruzain loves them all.. *although he is so clueless**sigh**cute*

Let's hold hands and play pass the toys..

What is happening here?

Next was the follow the leader..
*Aaaahhhh still clueless I see**love*

The cake was super awesome..
2 cakes join into one..
Good idea to combine 2 celebrated birthdays!

In the end, Chicky joins the cake cutting ceremony and candles blowing..
Had some photos taken and Chicky had to go home.. 
Bye Chicky!!
Ruzain was so sad to see Chicky go....

 All in all we had super fun and the mommies took a group photo before the party ended..
I still look good right?
Bhahahha... I don't care... At least I think I do.. :)